Independent Senate candidate

Hello, New South Wales voter.

I’m running as an Independent Senate candidate in New South Wales at the 2016 Australian election.

The motivation to run is a sense of disillusionment with where the major Australian political parties look like taking Australia.  When I look at the alternative minor parties and the like, I’m still not satisfied, so I’ve decided to have a run myself.

Rather than promoting “policies”, which one former Independent politician of note described as arrogant for an Independent, I’m taking stands on various issues.  I don’t pretend to have answers to everything, but I’m open to ideas put to me.

My stands on issues include …

  • Expanding and improving mass public transport in big cities,
  • Duplicating rural and regional highways,
  • Protecting Australia’s prime farmland and water resources from mining and coal-seam gas extraction,
  • Smarter spending on public education and health,
  • Some relaxation of employment laws,
  • Greater emphasis on developing skills of workers in workplaces rather than simply putting them through TAFE or college courses, and
  • Simplifying the tax system.

I’m open to ideas or arguments on issues like Internet security and privacy, tax avoidance, drug laws, same-sex marriage, and immigration.  As such, I’ll be putting out views on these and other issues when possible.

Please remember that I cannot compete with the major parties, or even some minor parties, in terms of resources and campaigning across NSW.  As an Independent Senate candidate, I can only rely on you, the voter in NSW, for support.

As such, I invite you and your family and your friends to send me feedback on issues of concern to you.  My address is, and I welcome your feedback.

Take care, be well, and stay safe.

Yours faithfully



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