Independent thanks voters

30 July 2016

The Federal election of 2016 draws to a close, after weeks of counting.  It’s now apparent that the Turnbull Coalition Government has won with a bare majority, if it has a majority at all, in the House of Representatives.  What it had before the election was a need to deal with crossbenchers in the Senate, and after the election it’ll still have to deal with them.

But it’s clear that I’m among the many Senate candidates to have been defeated in the race for Senate seats.

Despite this disappointment, I willingly thank you as the voters in New South Wales who showed support for me.  I was always up against it, standing by myself, without the advantage of support or resources from a political party, let alone the ability to reach every corner of the state, but I had nothing to lose by standing, and I’m proud of the fact that I picked up votes in many parts of the state.

In the coming month, once the election results are all in, I’ll be able to analyse where I picked up votes, and I expect to be touched when I see confirmed where the votes came from.

I stand by everything that I stated positions on, both during the course of the campaign and before it.  I still care about improving public transport in urban Australia, building up rural infrastructure, protecting our best farmland, simplifying our tax system, and various other things.  I can only pray that the newly-elected politicians bound for our national capital, and those returning to it, will act on those things.  Meanwhile, someday, I’ll run again for sure.

One of the nicest things from this election is that there’ll be people of integrity on the floor of Federal Parliament, despite what many voters think.  And it’s nice to see that one Senate candidate, from another state, has managed to get elected arguably on the basis of votes below the black line on the ballot paper alone.

Fair and appropriate should it be that this Independent thanks the voters of NSW whose votes came this way on 2 July.  This one will be back, praying that you will all take care and stay safe.



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