Votes spread out for this Independent

30 August 2016

With the results settled from the 2016 Federal election, only recently have they been published in great detail.  Now people can look closely at the detailed results and analyse them.  Of course, in some cases the amount of detailed data is enormous, but you can find ways to filter the data and find what you’re looking for with greater ease.

And I’ve now taken time to analyse my vote in the contest for twelve Senate seats in New South Wales.  Unfortunately I was among the many candidates to have been defeated, but I’m happy to have won a decent helping of votes across the state.

Because of how many Senate candidates there were in New South Wales, it took a massive 1065 counts for candidates to be elected.  And I made it to about the 400th count before being eliminated from the contest, so I almost made it to the halfway mark.  Considering that I was up against lots of political parties and groups with more votes, this could be regarded as impressive.

An analysis of the NSW Senate vote, on a booth-by-booth basis, shows votes spread out across the state for this Independent.

Trying to get to every corner of the state was never a realistic possibility.  But enough word got out to reach many places far and wide.

While there’s no point in stating the number of votes that I won, what follows is an indication of where most of my votes came from.

My biggest total vote was in the electorate of Berowra, in Sydney’s north.  Close behind was Bennelong, also in Sydney’s north.  And after that came Calare, in central NSW.  I note that these three electorates also returned my largest numbers of ordinary votes, meaning votes cast on election day or in early voting centres.

I also got better-than-average votes in the rural electorates of Farrer, New England, Cowper, and Eden-Monaro.  The same goes for Dobell on the Central Coast, Mackellar on Sydney’s northern beaches, and Mitchell in Sydney’s north-west.

But the big surprise was the individual booth where I got the biggest number of votes – it was an early voting centre in Tamworth, in the state’s north.

I also got good votes at early voting centres in Mount Druitt in western Sydney, Queanbeyan in the state’s south, and Muswellbrook in the Hunter region.  In terms of localities I got good votes in the Epping area in Sydney’s north, the Condell Park area in Sydney’s south-west, the Gulgong area in the bush, and the Ourimbah area on the Central Coast.  I got smaller votes in various other places.

The results of the election can be analysed if people want to find them.  These results have impressed me and inspired me to go again in future.



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