Hello, New South Wales voter.
I’m running as an Independent Senate candidate in NSW at the 2016 Australian election. My stands on issues include …
* Expanding and improving mass public transport in big cities,
* Duplicating rural and regional highways,
* Protecting Australia’s prime farmland and water resources from mining and coal-seam gas extraction,
* Smarter spending on public education and health, and
* Simplifying the taxation system.
I’m open to ideas or arguments on issues like Internet security and privacy, employment laws, tax avoidance, drug laws, same-sex marriage, and immigration. So I welcome your feedback on all sorts of issues.
Please remember that I cannot compete with the major parties in terms of resources and campaigning. I can only rely on the support of you, the New South Wales voter. You can send feedback at warren.grzic@gmail.com, which I welcome.
Yours faithfully